the midnights doll

it's me, hi! i'm the midnights doll, it's me.

it’s been a long time coming, but the exile is over and dolls are back!

the midnights doll comes in 5 different variants: no rhinestones (baby and kid safe), rhinestones on eyes only, rhinestones on the front only, rhinestones on the front + back, and the deluxe edition (a ridiculous amount of rhinestones). each rhinestone is hand placed, so no two dolls will look exactly alike. 

the midnights doll is 18" tall and made of organic cotton fabric. she is machine and hand sewn, and filled with love (& polyester stuffing). she is cut and sewn in seattle, washington. spot clean only. she isn't completely indestructible, so some care should be used when playing with her. 

currently dolls are made to order. please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. all sales are final.



for desktop users that may not see the full variant options in the drop down box, they are as follows:

option 1: no rhinestones 

option 2: rhinestones on eyes only 

option 3: rhinestones on front only 

option 4: rhinestones on front + back 

option 5: the deluxe edition (insane amount of rhinestones)