a pattern: elise doll pattern and tutorial

• back from retirement, the elise doll pattern will bring you joy and perhaps cause you to curse at your sewing machine, but in the end you'll get a really cute doll out of the deal

• includes 38 photos covering every step on how to make these little dollies as well as written instructions for you to have to read again and again in your wine-fueled coronavirus haze

• includes two different hair style patterns, but don't limit yourself! use the included pattern to experiment and make your own

• this is a digital product, so if you print it out, make sure to do black and white printing or this girl will steal all of your colored ink for the THIRTY EIGHT PHOTOS. i'm not joking, sis.

• final sale (no refunds) and for personal use only. don't be a jerk and sell the pattern yourself or sell the dolls you make without purchasing a limited use license. i've dated in 2020 girl, i can (and do!) find out anyyyyyything. it's not just limited to baby mamas, secret drug habits, past dui's and reckless driving tickets. (yes, I have found all of those out from my sleuthing.)

• take this doll to the next level and make it out of a treasured baby dress or blanket. get creative! let's make #candykirbyelisedollpattern a thing!!

$ 10.00